Blogging in South Africa

Blogging in South Africa – Your Quest to the Front Page – Part 1


This is the start of a journey. A bit of a strange one at that. But we wanted to demonstrate to everyone living in South Africa what it is like to well, blog. And also, to be become better at blogging in South Africa. It won’t be an easy journey as the Digital Marketing space is getting a bit crowded. So – instead of posting the usual “Top 5 ways to increase social media followers” type of post, we decided to include a bit of a road map. This road map will be tailored for anyone living in South Africa who wants to start their own side hustle. Whether you want to do it for the money or you just want your experiences with the world, this is where to start.

What’s the Point in Blogging?

Some people just enjoy the sound of their own voice. Others want to “hack” their way to the front page of Google to get their business noticed. I’m somewhere in the middle. Also, maybe a bit of procrastination as well as wanted to help people.

Why do people blog
Blogging in South Africa these days.

But, on a serious note, we want to give South Africans guidance in making their blog not only fun but efficient too (if you’re wanting to couple it with your business). For many, blogging is NOT FUN. Hell, it took us about 10 posts of writing about 3D printers to get into the groove. And we’re still no professionals. However, we understand the need for a blog for an online business, and we’re starting to almost enjoy it now.

Is This Journey for Me?

That depends. Are you planning on starting a blog or website? Do you not get offended by the occasional typo or attempts at puns? As the title suggests, this is part 1 of many. Each part will break down the intricacies of blogging, how it can benefit your online business as well as helping to write better blog posts.

Are you planning on starting or have started an online (or offline) business?

Many people often think of a blog that moms do to show off their baking ideas. And, it is, but it’s more versatile than that. First of all, it’s one of the cheapest ways to get free advertising for your business. It might not be as straightforward as handing out fliers at a robot, but it has the potential to reach a much larger audience. Think of most big businesses today. If you visit their website chances are that they will have a blog.

Why do most big businesses have a blog even if they are worth millions?

It’s simple – to become an authoritative figure in their industry. For example, Garden and Home appears first when searching for “gardening tips South Africa“. Therefore, I’m probably going to use them more often and maybe even buy their magazine next time I’m out shopping.

Do you just enjoy blogging for the hell of it?

Writing a blog isn’t just about trying to tactfully boost your business. It can just be that you have a hobby and want to share your experiences with others who might find your content useful. Or, maybe you just want to rant about the traffic and taxis in Johannesburg.

That is the best part about blogging – there’s no limit to the topics you can write about.

Green-minded blogs are popular now in South Africa
Going green is on the rise in South African blogs. Image via Ecopack.

However, we are focusing on blogging in South Africa. We feel like many blogs out there focus on the US audience, which doesn’t always translate well for us South Africans. Yes, the tools we use for blogging and the tips to make you a better blogger might be similar. However, we want to tailor them even more.

Is blogging in South Africa dead?

No. In fact quite the opposite. When we aren’t being affected by load shedding, bloggers out there are actually making a great name for themselves. Yes, it is a much more targeted audience, but targeting is never a bad thing. In fact, it’s almost the complete opposite.

So – what’s next?

If you’re eager to get your blogging fingers working, don’t worry, you can start without us. We’re simply here to provide advice and our own experience with blogging in South Africa. A newsletter will be put up soon so you never miss an episode. For now, you’re welcome to leave a comment or even pop us a mail for more tips. Until then, happy blogging!

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