JOVI South Africa

JOVI explores the world from the eyes of a child: imagining, learning, creating ... always from the courage and freedom that characterise the little ones
JOVI South Africa


JOVI is an international brand with head offices in Spain, they sell a range of educational toys, art supplies and stationery for kids, teachers, and adults.


  • The objectives were simple. Build more awareness in South Africa of the products available to children and teachers
  • Increase reach across social media
  • Gain more followers to both the Facebook and Instagram pages


  • Very small budget available – R1000
  • The website was still not up and running at the point of this competition (site is now live)
  • Coming up with a competition that would give us the most ROI at the right time


The following activities where used:

  • Create a giveaway competition on JOVI’s Facebook and Instagram which ran for 1 week (23 Sept – 29 Sept) just in time for school holidays
  • We created a holiday pack for parents to keep their children busy during the holidays. This pack was valued at about R1000
  • We created the comp where people had to follow, like and share to their story as a bonus point
  • We boosted this post on Facebook and Instagram, targeted towards parents. (R1000 in total spend)

Note: for brands that are relatively unknown and don’t have a large following, never make a competition complicated. Keep it simple, such as get people to follow, tag a friend, share to stories, these are simple, but effective ways to grow your following.


This was one of our best performing campaigns to date!

  • Facebook has a result of 561 comments and 207 shares. This was within 5 days. At a cost of R500, this is a cos of R0.55 per engagement with an additional 158 likes to the page. We could not have asked for a better result for the amount of money spent

JOVI Facebook Results
Facebook Campaign Results
  • Instagram absolutely blew up with over 500 new followers and over 1400 comments, 692 shares and 73 saves of the post. All for R500
Instagram Metrics
  • The aftermath of this competition is that JOVI almost tripled in followers, engagement is consistently higher and a lot more nano influencers asking if we would like to collaborate
  • The engagement was very skewed toward women with then coming in at 97% interaction

Below is results to the page during the campaign, amazing stuff!


We believe the success of the JOVI campaign was due to it being the right products (kids products that a wide age group would enjoy 2-12yo) at the right time(holiday pack marketed the week before school closed) marketed to the right audience(parents of children aged 1-12yo in South Africa). The creative was also eye catching which I believe drew attention to the post easily.

Competitions and giveaways are always a great way to boost awareness for an unknown brand. However, you must make sure that you are targeting the right people else your ROI wont be very high. JOVI were very satisfied with this campaign, and we are excited to grow with them as their digital marketing partner.

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