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Law of Attraction, Control, and Learning New Skills


Welcome to The Juice Box 🧃

Chantal – On the Juicebox and the Law of Attraction

Sometimes, here at The JC, we get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget to regroup, reflect and connect with one another. Marco, our “web hacker”, came up with a cool idea to start a Friday catch up session where we reflect on the week; our takeaways, our achievements, our learnings, a weekly Juice Box that can be any flavour you wish it to be, no restrictions. Perhaps it’s a good idea to do with your colleagues, and also your family and friends because I know we’re all in that same boat in one way or another.

Lesson number one for me this week; don’t get too caught up in the day-to-day, its very easy to put my head down and forget the world around me which includes the people around me and how they’re doing. I now remind myself to “Look up”.

Another Juicebox moment for me; The Law of Attraction has been strangely prominent for me this week, in my personal and professional life. After a team discussion about our perfect client fit (yes, it’s just as important to have a good client fit as it is to have good agencies). My thoughts were consumed by what “that” would look like. We got a request to meet with a potential client and, as it turns out they fit “that” picture to a tee.

On the more personal side, thoughts of being ready to forgive a wrongdoing have been circling my mind a lot tis week, subsequently, a call of an apology came, along with the much-needed closure. Our thoughts and perceptions are very powerful, they shape absolutely everything we think and do. So be mindful. Meet Kim, the newest and an awesome addition to our team 😊

Kiméke – On control and courage

My take away from this week was a personal one but should absolutely be
applied in all aspects of life:

Remember to distinguish between the things that you can and can’t control.


Be courageous enough to let go of the things you cannot control in order to focus your attention and energy on everything that you can control or change. Therein lies your peace 😊

Marco – On learning new skills

It’s strange looking at a calendar and notice your time machine isn’t slowing down. We often look back on our work, hobbies or even relationships and think, “Has any progress been made?”

This year, I’m making another attempt (this would be my third) at learning to code. Nothing too drastic, I’m not going to be creating the next Uber or Internet. Baby steps. However, I’m taking another approach to learning – focusing on my achievements.

I wrote about this on, as I was focusing this idea specifically on coding. However, it can apply to any area in your life. The process is simple:

  1. Pick something you want to work on (e.g. a new hobby, relationship goals, getting back into shape, etc.)
  2. Every day, or week, write down everything you have achieved for that topic. It doesn’t matter how small it may be (for me, I would count 5 minutes of coding)
  3. Whenever you feel like you are not achieving anything, look back at this list. You’ll notice where you started and how far you’ve come.

It can be quite an eye-opener, especially if you don’t have the best self image of yourself. I was able to complete a simple Etch-A-Sketch site that I was quite proud of.

Stay tuned for more Juicebox news next week!

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